Top Chocolate Manufacturers and Chocolate Shops

When it comes to chocolate, Australia is one of the world’s largest producers. The nation is home to two-thirds of the chocolate production in the entire chocolate industry. Many of the chocolate makers come from the heartland of Australia, such as the Barossa Valley and the Isaacs regions, which produce the highest quality chocolate of any part of the world. Many people simply recognize chocolate when they see it, so for many people in Australia, chocolate is not just a treat; it is a way of life. This is evident in the country’s massive chocolate manufacturing industry, which continues to grow despite the economy.

Much of the chocolate produced in Australia comes from small family-owned farms that follow agricultural practices similar to those used in other parts of the world. The farmers grow the cocoa beans that are used to make chocolate, and they also inspect and clean the beans before the beans are sent to the chocolate manufacturers. When farmers here to get the beans, they carefully check for bugs, disease, and any other conditions that can affect the quality of the beans. After they are approved, the farmers then send only top quality beans to the chocolate manufacturers.

For decades, the Barossa Valley region of Australia has been one of the world’s largest suppliers of raw cacao beans. This area is located about two hours east of Melbourne and has been one of the major chocolate manufacturers for many years. When the world economy took a turn downward a few years back, however, the farmers did not suffer. Instead, they took advantage of the market to boost their profits by investing in new and improved methods of growing cocoa beans. Today, farmers here continue to invest in new hybrid varieties that produce nuts and cashews as well as chocolate.

Isaacs and Langford in New South Wales are two of the major makers of organic chocolate, and their headquarters are located on the beautiful coastal strip of New South Wales. At almost three hundred stores throughout the country, Isaacs has become the largest single producer in Australia of organic fair trade chocolate. Their cacao beans are handpicked every morning and sent to the chocolatiers. Freshly picked raw chocolate is always delicious, and it is also free of dangerous pesticides used in other types of chocolate. The organic cacao beans from this region make for some of the most delicious chocolate available.

In addition to organic cacao from New South Wales, Australia, Switzerland has been a popular center of chocolate production for many years. Although Switzerland has closed its doors to the outside world, chocolates produced here remain among some of the best-tasting and highest quality chocolates in the world. Hershey, Ghiradelli, and Nestle have chocolate manufacturing facilities here, as do dozens of other local manufacturers. All of these companies pride themselves on producing award-winning chocolates, and none of them have compromised on the quality of their chocolates to please consumers.

With chocolate manufacturers are opening their doors around the country and around the globe, consumers need to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. After all, chocolate is one of the most wonderful gifts and can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. The chocolate shops and chocolate manufacturers mentioned above are all great places to visit, but if you want to taste a superior chocolate than head to the U.S., where high quality chocolate is just a few clicks away.