International Chocolate Manufacturers Are Facing a Global Crisis

The U.S. chocolate industry is a very competitive one, especially when you compare it to other countries like China, whose market is becoming increasingly competitive on an international level. But the truth is that the American chocolate business still has a lot of room to grow - and big profits, at that. As the economy continues to recover, more companies are starting to see the writing on the...
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Top Chocolate Manufacturers and Chocolate Shops

When it comes to chocolate, Australia is one of the world's largest producers. The nation is home to two-thirds of the chocolate production in the entire chocolate industry. Many of the chocolate makers come from the heartland of Australia, such as the Barossa Valley and the Isaacs regions, which produce the highest quality chocolate of any part of the world. Many people simply recognize...
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Chocolate Manufacturers and the Surprising Reasons Behind the Chocolate Business Case

The chocolate industry is worth billions of dollars per year in the United States. Chocolate makers around the globe are hard at work trying to find ways to improve the quality and taste of their products, to bring production costs down, and to make chocolate accessible to more people. One sector that has become increasingly important in recent years is that of the farmers who grow the cocoa...
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