Famous Chocolate Manufacturers

A small, local chocolate factory in Yorkshire, England, is started in 1869 by Joseph Rowntree. In a brief period of time, the business became highly successful, and its products were exported all over the world. Today, Rowntrees is a leading global chocolatier, and their products include Nutella and a huge range of other treats. Here are some of their most famous confections. In addition to traditional dark and white chocolates, these companies also make milk, fudge and other confectionery.

Swisslion Group – Founded in 1962, Swisslion Group is an international manufacturer of fine confectionery and other chocolate products. It has factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. Its bean-to-bar chocolate production line is made using sustainable farming practices and is produced in the United States. It is committed to improving the quality of beans grown in Africa and South America, and is investing $1 billion in a new cocoa supply chain model. Thorntons – A renowned brand of confectionery and other snacks, Thorntons has mail-order and commercial services.

M&M’s – In 1894, Johann Rudolf renames his chocolate company and makes it a private label brand. This new name gives it a lower price than the other brands but the quality is often superior. It has also adapted to changes in the consumer market, including the desire to eat healthier and lower-sugar chocolates. As a result, M&M’s is in the process of redesigning its packaging to use less virgin plastic and be more environmentally-friendly.

Domori – An Italian specialty chocolate manufacturer located in the Piemonte region. Located in the town of None, this company is the first in the world to process more than ten different cacao varieties. Because it works with only the finest cacao, the company is able to produce the highest quality chocolate without the use of any emulsifiers or additives. This allows for greater variety in the chocolate. The best quality and taste are a result of careful research and innovation.

Lindt & Sprungli – In contrast to many other companies, M&M’s has adapted to changing consumer habits. It uses renewable energy to produce all of its chocolate. Besides, it has implemented a sustainable supply chain model that promotes the production of healthy and vegan versions of its chocolate. By focusing on sustainability, the company is making progress toward becoming a greener brand. It has taken several steps to be more environmentally conscious and environmentally responsible, and it is also working towards becoming a leader in the global chocolate market.

In addition to making chocolate, Meiji produces pharmaceutical products and other snacks. Its flagship product, Bonnat, is a gourmet snack. Its specialty is a range of single origin bars. Meiji is a world-class food supplier, with branches in more than 160 countries. A large, multinational company, Blommer is also one of the leading cocoa manufacturers in North America. Those with special dietary needs and high expectations can find delicious treats at these companies.