Chocolate Manufacturers and the Surprising Reasons Behind the Chocolate Business Case

The chocolate industry is worth billions of dollars per year in the United States. Chocolate makers around the globe are hard at work trying to find ways to improve the quality and taste of their products, to bring production costs down, and to make chocolate accessible to more people. One sector that has become increasingly important in recent years is that of the farmers who grow the cocoa...
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Cocoa Beans – From Where Did Chocolate Get Its Name?

In the United States, chocolate manufacturers enjoy the highest rate of sales of any confectioner's raw materials. Milk chocolate is one of the highest selling chocolates in the world with over a billion dollars worth of sales annually. White chocolate liquor, another popular type of chocolate is less expensive than milk chocolate and has been the favorite drink of millions of chocolate lovers....
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What to Look for When Searching For Chocolate Manufacturers

Chocolatiers love to tell tall tales. They love to tell you about their fascinating history and the challenges that they've faced in making chocolate. This is because they, too, are fond of chocolate, and it's one of their most loved products, particularly during special occasions like Valentine's Day. And why shouldn't people be fond of chocolate? It's delicious, luxurious and quite the...
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