Trompe l’oeil Mural

Contact pageHistory behind the Chocolaterie’s Mural

Now associated with our French Chocolate Shop by many Vancouverites and travellers, the beautiful yellow Tuscan house painted on the building serves as the entrance to a magical world of fine chocolates. But before we occupied this charming Riley Park landmark, the space has served as a gateway to various businesses, including a designer studio owned by Mavis Hamilton.
Inspired by David Suzuki, Mavis decided to give back to her community by painting the first section of the Trompe-l’oeil (the house) in 1997, based on the principal that if each individual did something to enliven their own backyard, it would create a more beautiful and unique environment.
The second part of the mural (a garden of lemon trees) was added in 2001, when neighbourhood kids & community members joined the artist and helped cover graffiti on the building.

The mural caught the eye of the City of Vancouver, who selected our shop as one of the lucky recipients of a city Parklet (innovative public space designed and built locally that offer new areas for people to sit and relax) built in the spring of 2014.