Chocolate Café

Described by its clients as “A little gem tucked of Main Street”, “France away from France” and “Straight out of the movie Chocolat”, Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France opened its doors in July 2009 with the hopes of offering clients and neighbours a place of gathering filled with chocolate joy.

While clients pick through a range of artisan chocolates and confections to create boxes and gifts for their loved ones, others relax in our seating area while sipping on one of our 20 varieties of chocolate drinks.

Summer also brings a crowd of gelato lovers, whose laughers & smiles fill up the patio


Chocolate Menu

Great for gift giving as much as eating right here on the spot!

  • Chocolates*Truffles, Squares, and Mini Bars
  • Confections*– Caramels  and Spreads
  • Drinks to make at home – Drinking Chocolates, Hot Chocolates, Iced Chocolates and Chocolate Teas
  • Seasonal ProductsSpecial Holiday Designs & Treats

Café Menu


Made to order, our drinks can be consumed on site or taken “to go”.

  • Drinking Chocolates – Warm, thick and creamy drink with a larger ratio chocolate to milk
  • Hot Chocolates – Hot, light and foamy drink with a smaller ratio chocolate to milk
  • Iced Hot Chocolate – Cool & refreshing, while chocolaty & creamy
  • Espresso Based drinks – The Classics. Available on ice in the summer
  • Chocolate Teas – Black and Floral Teas with notes of milk or dark chocolate


Served on site or “to go”

  • Gelato* – Comes with a free chocolate square. Served on its own or with a choice of toppings.
  • Liège Waffles – Rich, dense and chewy, this waffle is filled with pearl sugar which caramelizes on the outside when baked. Served on its own, or with a choice of toppings.

Dairy Free** and Vegan*** Options

  • Chocolates – All dark Chocolate Squares and Mini Bars
  • Drinks – All drinks (except our Iced Hot Chocolates) can be prepared with almond milk
  • Drinks to make at home – Drinking Chocolates and Hot Chocolates tins or bags
  • Gelato – Selection of sorbets

For allergy notice, please consult The Basics.

* Product selection may vary based on season or weather. Truffles might not be available for a part of the summer, while gelato might not be available in the winter.

** Does not contain, but could have come in contact with dairy products.

*** Options suitable for vegans who consume sugar.