Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France Ceases Operations

Dear Clients & Friends,

As I am ready to embark into a new adventure, I wanted to let you know what is happening with Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France.
Following the closure of the shop, I decided to take a month off to take care of the move, the paperwork and relax a bit before I pursued with wholesale.
Some cafes and businesses offered me shelving space and even commercial kitchens to use. I was all set.. so I thought..
One month off became two, and then three.
Why was I not motivated? Or even interested?
It took me until now to realise; I have been grieving.
A huge part of me is gone.
A part that for years was all-consuming. Self-defining.
Because when you don’t have kids or love, your business takes all the space there is.
Some even say your first small business is your baby.
As an entrepreneur, I thought that was crazy! Businesses open and close, succeed and fail. A risk is a risk.
But the chocolaterie, the shop, was way more than a business; it was the product of my imagination, and a labour of love.
From the products, to the décor, the branding and designs, everything was me.
I was the heart and soul of that shop.
That’s when I realised.. it was my baby.
I lost a child and the hundreds of loved ones that came with it.
Wonderful clients who made every day bright and happy even following the fire.
People who felt like family aren’t part of my daily life anymore.
People I cared for, I might never see again.
Knowing that they might never find a jewel like the one I created in a Vancouver where money instead of heart builds businesses and designers are hired to re-create warmth that can only be achieved thru people.
Knowing that elderly clients and families now don’t have much choice left on Main street but overpriced and ever more trendy cafes where attitude is served with a side of “you’re not welcome here” look.
Knowing that I was the last chocolatière that offered handmade products prepared without the use of machinery.
Knowing that I was the last woman in my industry with a storefront in Vancouver.
Knowing all of this made it harder.
Made the grieving longer.

I am not ready to open another shop, and prefer another challenge over the impersonal, and sad without you, wholesale route.
So with this, I announce that Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France has officially ceased its operations.

If you feel like dying without my caramels or you need a bag of hot chocolate, I, Anne, might be able to help you out. Simply message me in private on Facebook or send me an email. I don’t mind meeting you somewhere for a caramel exchange and a chat.

I leave the world of chocolate, having made my mark in the industry, with 4 awards, various nominations, wonderful press reviews, radio spots and tv appearances.
I couldn’t be more proud of my accomplishments, 8 years in business and 7 in the shop.
The Parklet I’ve built in front of the store with the City of Vancouver and other partners is my legacy to the community, a whole year of work, a piece of my heart and love for public spaces.

Thank you for the numerous messages of love, countless emails of support, and wonderful comments.
I miss you all.
If you stumble on me somewhere, don’t be shy and say Hi! I am not able to recognise and remember everyone.

Goodbye for now.
Your chocolatière, Anne-Genevieve Poitras